Add Meta Tags in WordPress

How to Add Meta Tags in WordPress using Rank Math Pro in 5 Simple step

Hey, I just want to let you know that adding Meta Tags on WordPress is damn easy!

If You are someone who has confusion about How to add meta tags in WordPress, then this article has the simplest solution using WordPress. The Process hardly takes 5 minutes.

What are meta tags?

You might have come across this term called Meta Tags in WordPress. 

Meta Tags are basically Short HTML codes that help search engines to understand your content and display it to the relevant audience. Meta Tags are one of the important elements of SEO

Right now all you need to do is install a plugin called Rank Math Pro on your desktop and keep an existing or new blog post ready.

Meta Tags basically comprises three things :

  1. Meta Title
  2. Meta Description
  3. Meta Keywords
  4. Alt Tags

1. Meta Title:

Meta Title is the title of your blog post or page. The meta title is shown when your website or blog post appears on google search results.

Even if you don’t insert meta tags, search engines will automatically extract the meta tags from your Title and Content and display it in the Google Search Results. But it is always important to include a Meta Title.

Keep your meta title less than 70 characters because if the meta title exceeds 70 characters some words from the meta title will not be shown in the search results which causes a bad user experience.

2. Meta Description:

A meta description is the short summary of your blog or page. Meta description will help the audience to understand what your blog post is about so make sure that you include some CTR elements that drive clicks to your page or blog post. The maximum number of characters for meta description is 152 words hence make sure your meta description is less than 152 words. 

3. Meta Keywords:

Meta Keywords are a bunch of keywords that relate to your article. Google doesn’t consider meta keywords as a ranking signal hence if you don’t add meta keywords it won’t make any impact on your SEO.

4. Alt Tags:

Alt tags are used to describe the purpose of an image. Search engines cannot read images as humans do hence alt tags help search engines understand the purpose of an image. 

Adding keywords in alt tags will help your images rank for those keywords.

Now I will explain to you how to add meta tags in wordPress in 5 simple steps using rank math pro!

Note: Install RankMath Pro from the plugins section and keep your content ready. If you are struggling to install it you can refer to this 2 minutes tutorial:

Step Number 1: 

Add Meta Tags in WordPress

As you can see in the image click on the green icon which represents the RankMath SEO tool

When you click on it a new section will appear.

Step Number 2:

Add Meta Tags in WordPress

Click on the edit snippet as shown in the image. As soon as you click on edit snippet, you will be able to see a newer section where the preview snippet editor will appear

Step Number 3: 

Add Meta Tags in WordPress

Modify your meta title and meta description. You must include the Title of your blog post as your meta title but you can modify it so that it falls under the prescribed characters. Modify your meta description so that it will influence click-through rates.

Step Number 4:

Add Meta Tags in WordPress

Now let’s add alt tags to images. Select the image that you want to add alt tags to and click on the settings icon. Now add the alt tags in the space given.

Tip: You can add target keywords in the alt tags which are related to the image. By doing this you can also rank for images

Step Number 5:

Add Meta Tags in WordPress

Alt tags will help search engines understand the context of the image. In the alt tags section, you can either describe the image or you can also include target keywords.

Key TakeAways:

  • Always keep Meta title under 70 Characters and Meta Description under 160 Characters.
  • Include keywords in Meta Title and Meta Description
  • Include CTR’s in Meta Title to get more clicks.

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